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We do not rent gear – We produce experiences.

Equipment alone will not produce a memorable event. AV equipment is merely one of the tools of communication. So unlike traditional AV companies who rely on equipment rentals and maintain warehouses full of expensive equipment, we focus on what really matters – Determining how to best engage the audience. Then designing the ideal AV, staging and technology experience for each client and each event and finally providing that solution within budget and with flawless execution.

To do this, we focus on three critical event areas,


Every successful event starts with a plan. We approach each event with a clean slate, working with our clients to first understand their goals and objectives for the event. We then design an audiovisual, staging and technology solution tailored to the exact needs and budget of that event. We believe it is much easier and cheaper to sort everything out beforehand rather than try to figure things out onsite.  


To ensure our clients get exactly what is needed for their event at the best possible price, we source our RFP's to multiple vendors to obtain quotes. Our meticulous planning and attention to detail allows us to create RFP's which are very specific and include such things as exact equipment requirements and dates, setup floor plans, labor schedules, breakout requirements, etc.  The resulting quotes thoroughly reviewed to provide our clients with an apples to apples cost comparison between the various vendors. Since we work for the client, our services compliment rather than compete with traditional AV companies. We bring expertise, flexibility and impartiality to the source selection. We can work with AV companies which we contract, a clients preferred AV vendor or even the venue in-house provider. And having worked all over the country, we can access an extensive network of vendor resources in most markets. Whenever possible, we will try to use local vendors to save clients the cost of transporting equipment and labor around the country. 

Onsite Management

Once onsite, GRP works on the basis of first in, last out, managing all aspects of AV, staging and technology from loadin and setup through the strike and load out. We provide a single point of contact for all AV and technology services, questions and issues. We work with the venue staff and in-house audiovisual provider to ensure everything runs smoothly. We manage the general session and breakout rooms, registration area technologies, work with and rehearse speakers, and generally work to ensure that every piece of technology, every presentation, every meeting element works as planned and that the overall event runs as seamlessly as the client intended. 


  GRP Meeting Services Include

 The complete design, sourcing, and management of all staging and audiovisual meeting elements including:

  • Develop meeting theme and overall look
  • Create logo, graphics, banners, binders and other coordinated artwork
  • Design sets and other staging elements
  • Create detailed CAD floorplans and other renderings
  • Coordinate and supervise staging, live music, audio, lighting and projection for maximum impact
  • Produce video modules
  • Design PowerPoint presentations 
  • Coordinate and manage speaker presentations
  • Provide speech coaching
  • Design and supervise special effects, pyrotechnics and laser shows
  • Contract professional entertainers and keynote speakers
  • Provide audience response system polling for interactive meeting support
  • Stream meeting or event in real time over the web
  • Design and manage all forms of hybrid meetings
  • Archive and prepare copies of meeting presentations and materials for web storage or streaming
  • Design and manage meeting IT and networking requirements


To date GRP has designed and produced;

  • Over 200 Investor conferences with C-level executives
  • National & Regional Sales meetings
  • IPO Roadshows
  • Trade Shows
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Training Sessions
  • New Product Launches
  • New Hire Orientation meetings
  • and many other types of meetings & events


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